Monday, February 9, 2009

My Home Page Friends

With homepagesfriends you will earn cash for every search you do. So just by using your internet connection like you always do, you get paid. It's just like searching Yahoo/google normally, but in the background you're earning cash! ! Cool, isn't it???

No, not the ridiculous $0.005 or $0.01 for boringly staring at an ad next to a countdown, you get paid up to £0.022(equivalent to $0.045) for every search you do with homepagesfriends! You can do up to 95 searches a day, so you can see how the money quickly piles up ! Tell your friends and you can even earn a lot more 3 levels deep !

Warning : Even though some members say that they have been paid by this site, most other members say that they have not received the payment even after two months.So I don't recommend anyone to join this site.

Still if you want,you can join here...
(Note:This link and the banner is not meant for the promotion of my referral link, these are the links to the site.)

TIPS & Info :

95 searches a day limit , interleave at least 5 sec between searches.

Only a UNIQUE searches counts daily.

70 searches a day = 3 $ a day x 30 = 90 $ a month (only direct income/3 levels referral system!)

You can have multiple accounts if you have multiple e-mail adresses (90$ x 3 = 270$ a month).

Spread you searches during the day (excessive searching behavior will be detected by the frauding system).

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