Monday, March 30, 2009

Monetize Your Blog - dNeero

This is a site where you can do a simple survey, and post the answers in your blog or and/or any social network profiles, such as mylot, Facebook, MySpace, etc.

How to do?
1. Visit the site, and find any active surveys (It’s called conversations in the site).You’ll receive notification from dNeero if there is new conversation.
2. Answers the questions (usually about 5 questions) and click on “Join the conversation”.Note: You also need to provide a question which is relevant to the conversation title.
3. You’ve got some codes to paste to your blog or any social network profiles.
4. Copy and paste the codes to as many blogs and/or social network profiles as you wish.
5. Just wait and get paid.Note: You need to put the conversation in your blog in order to generate impressions for at least 5 days. If your blog has a good traffic, you’ll earn more.

Payment information:-
The pay rate is depending on the conversation. If many people visiting your blog or social networking profile, then you may earn some additional cash from the conversation.
Referral: You’ll earn 3% from your first level referral, there are up to 5 levels of referral.- Minimum payout: $20- Pay to your PayPal account- If your account balance is over $20, you’ll get paid in 2-5 days.

Join Now and start earning


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